About Us

At International Flooring Inc., it is our mission to be the premier commercial flooring installation company in the region. We complete our projects with the utmost care, dependability, professionalism, and integrity!


We use quality materials with skilled installers, who do the job right the first time. We provide a positive and growing environment for our associates; to promote goodwill in our community.


“The highest quality work is expected on every project. Jobs are completed on time, on budget and with an emphasis on service and support. We wouldn’t be able to do it without the hard working team at International Flooring, Inc.”


-Chris Zimmerman, President


Our Services

Specification Design & Support
We understand that time is money and you don’t want to spend it searching through flooring collections to find the right one for your project. We also understand that the flooring you choose is central to the design concept of your room. That’s why we have professionals to do the research and the work for you, saving you hours of time.


All International Flooring Inc. locations have access to an abundance of samples, collections and technical specs from the industry’s top manufacturers. Just give us the critical needs of your project and we’ll deliver design-fresh, budget-conscious, unbiased recommendations.
Product Sales
International Flooring Inc. has worked hard to develop strong relationships with all the top manufacturers. We offer one of the most comprehensive product selections available in the market – from carpet and hard surfaces to rubber and sports surfacing.


Our national buying power ensures top quality products at competitive prices. Anything from quick-ship products to custom orders, whatever your budget, we can help find products that fit your plan.
Project Management
There are four major components to every project – resources, time, money and scope. It is critical that all four areas be effectively and proactively managed in order to produce a successful result.


Our seasoned project managers understand the complexity and requirements of every project we manage. This dedication and experience has led us to be the largest dealer network in the industry.
Estimating the correct quantity of product is critical to your project budget. By utilizing specialized software, our experienced professionals can not only estimate accurate product quantities, but also evaluate areas where waste can be minimized.


Other benefits of our software include the ability to print full size color-coded plans to scale so that locations of each type of flooring product are clearly denoted. We also have the ability to create phase-out plans to identify the most effective and timely construction schedule.
Delivery & Warehousing
Every International Flooring Inc. location has the capability to receive and store your product for future installation. Our computerized tracking systems ensure the location and accuracy of your order.


When your product is needed, it can quickly be accessed and delivered on-time to its intended destination via our fleet of dependable delivery trucks and vans.


Our “in-house roll cutting” service allows us to prepare the materials in advance of being shipped to the job site. This would be used to prepare material needed for large jobs that might be phased over a longer period of time.

Meet Our Team

With over 30 years of experience, the International Flooring, Inc. team is dedicated to working hard and most importantly for you! We work diligently around the clock to insure your project is completed on time and exceeds your expectations.
Meet our team of experts!

Chris Zimmerman


Pat Zimmerman

Executive Vice President

Angela Wiley

Business Development

Herb Hildenbrand

Senior Project Manager

Mike Grant

Senior Project Manager

Tommy Lentz

Chief Operating Officer

Adam Seminara